7 Best 12V Cordless Drills – Reviews and Buying Guide

12-volt drills are lighter and smaller compared to 18/20V drill. There are most used by DIY’ers, homeowners, and specialty trade applications. They may not have the kind of speed and power which 18/20V has but they’re smaller, more ergonomic to use. While with advancements in technology, some of the 12v power tools are coming with better batteries all the way up to 6Ah. Take a look at some of the best 12V cordless drill reviews giving tough competition drill with more power.

What are 12v Drills used for?

12v drills are generally used for smaller tasks, such as installing hinges and small screws. They can also be used to drill holes in the wall or ceiling. 12v drills cannot handle heavier work like drilling through a block of wood or metal without experiencing burnout on the motor.

For most homeowners with general construction skills, they will find that an 18v is more beneficial because it has better torque power and uses less energy than a 12v does when performing heavy tasks mentioned above. The best use case scenario is if you plan on doing both light-duty household projects along with some moderate DIY jobs around your home–then using the best 18 volt cordless drill might make sense for you since it offers versatility.

7 Best 12V Cordless Drills – Reviews 2021

1. Bosch GSR12V-300FCB22 – Best 12V Cordless Drill Overall

The two 12v Max 2.0 Ah Batteries of this Bosch, provide 4 hours of runtime on moderate use and the quick charging provides a good battery backup. Also, the lasting battery and powerful motor make it more preferable than the 18V drills. 

The brushless motor, while reducing friction and increasing efficiency, delivers a high speed of 460 to 1750 rpm and high torque of 300 in-lbs making it powerful enough for all small jobs around the house.

This compact 4 in 1 tool kit along with its lighter weight makes it ideal for older people and women for their everyday household jobs like drilling screws or fixing cabinets. With four attachments-drill, driver, offset angle, and right angle, this cordless drill can reach all the nooks and crannies of the house to fulfill a variety of tasks.

The manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty. While using the drill, there are chances that your hand can accidentally hit the reverse switch. Also, the LED light needs to be placed in a better place as it casts a shadow over the work area. You will need to use pliers to remove the battery for charging. 

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Cordless
  • Belt hook to keep your hands free while working
  • Carry case along with drill bits
  • Position of the led light and reverse switch
  • Hard to remove battery for charging

2. Milwaukee 2407-22 – Best 12v Drill Driver Kit – Runner-up

Milwaukee has provided a perfect starter kit for DIY’er or professionals looking for a handy little drill to use primarily for drilling wood or metal around the house or in your car or truck.  It performs well where a full-size drill can’t fit yet delivers 275 in-lbs of torque which is up to 25% more than its competitors.

The metal ratcheting chuck suitable for a 12-volt cordless drill provides a better grip of drill bits of varying sizes. The LED light comes in handy as a flashlight in some dark spaces and the fuel gauge displays running time to avoid interruptions. It may require service once a year because of the poor design of the speed-changing switch.

The manufacturer provides a 5 Year Limited Warranty on the tool and a 2-Year warranty on the battery. Milwaukee is known for its quality and thus this 12V drill kit is better than the competitor’s 18V drill. It has a long-lasting battery and a fast charger. However, the batteries can go bad in cold weather.

  • Good Battery Life with two batteries and fast charging
  • Variable speed of 400 and 1500 rpm
  • Carrying Case
  • Safety listed by CSA, ETL and UL
  • Drill makes loud noise while use
  • Battery drains fast

3. Makita FD07R1 – Best 12V Value for Money Cordless Drill

The amazing combination of Makita’s 12V 3/8″ Cordless Drill is your go-to tool for little odd jobs around the house like assembling furniture or drilling into drywall.

Its powerful motor with high torque of 280 in-lbs delivers a high speed of 450-1500 rpm at industrial quality and power for efficient drilling and driving at your own house. You will get a good battery backup with this tool as it has two 2 Ah batteries and a fast charger. You can even increase the battery life as it is compatible with 4 Ah batteries.

It’s an ideal solution for users seeking a more compact drill for applications in tight spaces like under-cabinet work or fixing residential appliances made of thin metal or plastics. Makita also provides a belt hook which helps while working on a ladder. The manufacturer provides a 3-year limited warranty. 

  • The slide battery design enables the tool to stand on its own
  • Brushless motor reduces heat and noise while drilling
  • Includes carrying case and tool bits
  • LED charge level indicator tells you when to charge it
  • Not compatible with 12V max pod-style tools, batteries and charger
  • Not for concrete or heavy duty work
  • LED light casts shadow over work area

4. Craftsman N17586 

Being the best 14-volt drill for the price, the Craftsman 17586 NEXTEC Drill is a suitable gift for your mother, wife, or daughter. The small size makes it comfortable for hours of use. The motor delivers a torque of 195 in-lbs at variable speeds (0-400 &0-1300) going up to 1300 RPM making the perfect combination of power and speed for the light jobs around the house.

It gives you more control while working with an 18 position adjustable torque clutch to fine-tune settings for driving small or large screws and thus making the motor last longer.

One of the main advantages of the drill is the durability of the 12 V battery that can stand extreme weather conditions. Handy and user-friendly, this is an essential tool for your home to build decks, repair fences, or get in those tough spots. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty.

  • Comes with fast charger
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Only one battery provided


Providing better ergonomics than its competitors, the DEWALT XTREME drill is a good drill to add to your collection. With the power of 12 volts and a 3/8 inch ratcheting chuck, this cordless drill will deliver a satisfactory performance at all lighter-duty tasks.

Where the heavier 36v drills with higher voltage or 1/2 “chuck become useless. With a brushless motor to perform efficiently, the 2-speed transmission and 15 clutch settings help reduce damage and smoothen operations. A bright LED footlight helps to illuminate work areas and display charge.

The 12v cordless drill comes with two batteries in a charging station and it takes about half an hour to charge them. The unit is light, powerful, and well-balanced for DIYers who have outgrown their first-generation cordless drills. The manufacturer provides a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service, and  90 days money-back guarantee.

  • Long battery life
  • Provided with a Tool Bag for your convenience
  • Belt Clip included
  • Loose chuck makes the bits fall out

6. Metabo HPT DS10DFL2 

This Metabo drill is a great Christmas gift for people with woodworking as a hobby and it doubles up to be a great drill kit for household chores due to its being cordless. This compact tool kit comes packed with a case, tool bits, and belt hook.

This small 3/8 inch cordless drill with keyless chuck gives us an idea that the 24-volt drill can deliver the adequate power required by a homeowner for his lighter tasks.

There has been an improvement in the design as the LED light doesn’t cast a shadow on the work area anymore. If you have used the Dewalt or a Hitachi tool, this drill would seem to be quite light in weight.

It comes with 2 batteries and a fast charger. There is a lifetime warranty on the tool, 2 years on a battery, and 1 year on the charger. The tool is so affordable that it is cheaper to buy the drill rather than a new battery. 

  • Inexpensive
  • 21 clutch settings for better control
  • Motor with high speed of 350-1300 RPM and 300 in lbs torque
  • Charger circuitry prevents overheating and power loss
  • Free-standing design allows the drill to stand on its own when not in use
  • Comes with 7-piece Philips driver bit set
  • Sudden braking feature loosens the chuck


The extremely affordable Ryobi 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8 in. Drill/Driver is a very handy tool for small weekend projects. It’s 3.03 lbs lightweight design helps reduce fatigue and the comfortable grip suits people with small hands and women. Apart from that, this drill is quite compact and easily fits in those hard to reach spaces.

The brushed motor, using the same amount of power as a brushless motor, gives a max speed of 600 RPM along with 22 clutch positions for smooth running. The drill comes with a chuck size of 3/8 inch-perfect for 12 volts and for small and light fixes around the house.

The drill kit includes a 12v battery, charger, and a double-ended bit making the cordless drill efficient for use and long-lasting. The battery requires a 45 minutes charge time to deliver the power to complete your DIY home projects. The manufacturer gives a 3-Year limited warranty on this Ryobi product.

  • Nicely balanced and Suitable grip for small hands
  • Extremely affordable
  • Only one battery

FAQ’s about 12v Cordless Drills

What’s the Difference Between a 12V and 18V Drill?

The difference between 12V and 18V drills is how they are powered. The voltage in a battery is what powers your drill, so the higher the volts, the more power it has. 12-volt drills will be less powerful than 18-volt ones because they have to use smaller motors in order to cut through material with less torque.

Are 12V cordless drills any good?

Many people have found that 12V drills are a good choice for DIYers who don’t need high power. They’re also a good option if you’re not looking for an impact drill, since they can be used to drive or remove screws and bolts.

12v cordless drills are great because they offer enough torque in most cases, but there is still room to grow into more powerful models later on (such as 18v). If you already own one of these tools then it’s worth taking the time to get familiar with its features – strengths and weaknesses included. It could save you from buying another tool down the line when this one might be all you really need!

Can a 12V drill go through concrete?

A 12V drill can’t go through concrete because it doesn’t have enough power. You need an 18v or higher drill for that, so consider your applications before buying a 12 volt cordless drill. If you just need to make some holes in drywall and don’t want to spend any more money on the purchase than necessary, I would recommend going with the cheaper option of a slimline battery powered screwdriver like this one: [INSERT LINK]

However, if you are looking for something heavier duty then an 18V is what you will be looking for. An 18V has double the voltage which means it delivers twice as much power at faster speeds making it perfect for larger projects such as drilling into wood or metal surfaces.

Can I put an 18V battery on a 12V drill?

Most cordless drills have 12V batteries. However, the 18-volt battery is more powerful and can provide up to 30% more runtime than a typical drill with a 12 volt battery.


Bosch is a leader in the 12v cordless drill market and their GSR12V-300FCB22 model is one of the best options for homeowners. With its lightweight design, powerful motor, and battery life that lasts up to 18 months on standby mode without charging it, this drill can handle all kinds of jobs around your home with ease. If you are looking for an affordable option while still getting high quality performance from a brand name tool company like Bosch then this is drill you should opt for.

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