Best Cast Iron Hibachi Grills – Reviews & Top Picks

Grilling on my Hibachi

Hibachi grills are a popular choice for their compact size and easily transportable design. Whether you’re short on outdoor space or simply want to take your BBQ down to the beach or for camping, we think purchasing a hibachi grill made of cast iron is a great option.

What is a Hibachi Grill?

A ‘Hibachi’ is a type of fire bowl traditionally used in Japan to contain hot charcoal. They are small cooking grills which have burning charcoal in the base and a grill plate on top.

To help you to choose the best hibachi grill on the market, we’ve reviewed five popular models so you can take the guesswork out of your purchase and buy with confidence. Read on to get our unbiased reviews.

Comparison of our Fav Picks

Lodge L410

Lodge L410
(Top Pick)

Check Price

30 lbs

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ

Marsh Allen 30052AMZ

Check Price

18 lbs

Bruntmor BR-EV168

Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned
(Best Value for Money)

Check Price

30.2 lbs

Cajun Classic Gl10447

Cajun Classic Gl10447

Check Price

41 lbs

Marsh Allen 30052

Marsh Allen 30052

Check Price

16.3 lbs


5 Best Hibachi Grill 2019 – Honest Reviews

1. Lodge L410 Hibachi Grill (Top Pick)

This grill, from family-run American company Lodge, is hands down the best hibachi grill for home that we have tested. It is made from extremely durable cast iron. This not only ensures that you can benefit from its excellent heat retention while grilling.

It also means that this grill is extremely durable and, with a little care, will last for many years to come. You will also be pleased to know that this grill comes fully seasoned. We used it straight from the box after rinsing with no problems. Another great advantage of this cast iron hibachi grill that we love, is that the seasoning gets even better with each use.

This grill comes with just the right amount of features. Yet another reason that this grill really stood out as our clear favorite. Simply open the vent door to increase your heat, or close it to calm things down a little. =

We really liked the flip-down coal door. If you’re cooking for a handful of people then it’s a great option to have. Simply open and add extra coals to keep the fire burning. It’s also really handy if you want to make a two-tiered fire. You can also adjust your cooking temperatures thanks to the two adjustable grill heights.

The only downside we found was the thin carry handle which hurt our hands. So, if you don’t plan on transporting your grill long distances, this is the tabletop grill for you.


  • Heating Sustain for Long
  • Flip-down coal door
  • Vent door
  • Two adjustable grill heights
  • Enough Space for 3-4 people


  • Carry handle too thin

2. Marsh Allen 30052AMZ Hibachi Grill (Easiest to Use )

This grill by Marsh Allen is a great choice if you are looking for a portable Hibachi grill that’s easy to use.

We found the curved-up grill sides prevented our hot dogs from rolling off, while the three adjustable grill heights give you a greater range of cooking temperatures. We loved the two air vents, a handy feature that allows you to further increase the temperature. Like all of our top picks, this Hibachi is made from durable cast iron, making it a solid choice.

Unfortunately, while we really enjoyed trying out this model, there were a few little issues. We found the handles didn’t fit quite tight enough and this might cause you to lose a few food items when changing grill heights.

Overall, the quality control is pretty poor with some sharp edges and unequal height grill slots. However, in our opinion, this is a reasonable model for the price, with no major flaws.  


  • Three adjustable grill heights
  • Curved-up grill sides
  • Two air vents
  • Use Less Charcoal


  • Loose-fitting handles
  • Poor quality control

3. Bruntmor BR-EV168 Cast Iron Hibachi Grill (Best Value for Money)

This popular grill by Bruntmor is our best bang for the buck. We were impressed with its range of features.

With its drop-down coals door, sliding air vents and carry handle, we believe this cheap hibachi-style outdoor grill would make a good choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive and compact grill. We were also pleased it was pre-seasoned, allowing you to get grilling straight away.

Unfortunately, we found that this grill doesn’t come with sufficient assembly instructions. Also, you can’t lower or raise the grill while cooking. Something which we found made cooking a range of different items unnecessarily more complex.

You should also be aware that some customers complained that this grill was prone to cracking with regular use.


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Drop-down coals door
  • Sliding air vent
  • Heats quickly


  • Insufficient assembly instructions
  • No removable ash tray

4. Cajun Gl10447 Hibachi Grill (Best For Small Groups)

If you have a large family or often invite over friends then the Cajun Classic grill is your best choice.

We were impressed by its round grilling surface which is larger than most other models, enabling you to cook larger quantities.

While we liked this Hibachi grill’s solid cast iron construction, you should be aware that the finish is not as good as other models.

For us, the main drawback of this grill is its weight. We probably would have struggled to comfortably transport it far, especially due to its very thin, uncomfortable handle.


  • Large grilling surface
  • Quick Heat under 5 minutes
  • Portable


  • Heavy
  • Thin handle

5. Marsh Allen 30052 Cast Iron Hibachi (Best Budget Option)

If you’re looking for a hibachi that gets the job done at a low price, then check out this model by Marsh Allen. It’s made from solid cast iron for durability and excellent heat retention. It also features three adjustable grill heights.

Unfortunately, we found that this grill suffers from several quality control issues resulting in a substandard finish. Furthermore, we were not impressed that this grill is not level and found the wooden handles burn easily.

We thought that the assembly instructions were a little confusing and the hardware is on the cheap side. All in all, it’s far from perfect, although it still grills relatively well.


  • Three adjustable grill heights


  • Wooden handles break easily.
  • Confusing assembly instructions.
  • Quality control issues.

Buying Guide

When you’re looking to purchase a hibachi grill, there are several considerations to bear in mind.  Whatever your preferences, we’ve provided all the information you need to help you to choose what’s right for your needs. Read on and find out which features we recommend.


The high-quality hibachi is made from solid cast iron. This ensures excellent heat retention. These grills, when looked after, will last a lifetime. So with a bit of care, a grill shouldn’t need replacing.

Carry Handle

A good carry handle will make your grill easy to move around & for getting it in and out of your vehicle with ease. Ideally, any carry handle will need to be robust and well secured.

Also, bear in mind that the thinner the handle, the more it’s likely to be uncomfortable to carry any long distance. During our testing, we found that the small hibachi grills had wider, flatter handles and were easier to transport.

Adjustable Grill Positions

Choosing a hibachi charcoal grill with adjustable grill positions will give you more control over cooking temperatures. We found this makes it easier to grill a wider range of foods more easily. Drop your grill down a level for hotter temperatures or raise it to grill more slowly and gently.


The open design of a grill means that vents are not essential. However, we definitely think they’re a good feature to look out for as they can help you to regulate the temperature of your grill. Opening the vents will allow extra air flow, increasing the heat. We made use of the vents extensively throughout testing, preferring those model with them, to those without.

Pre-seasoned grills

When you purchase a pre-seasoned hibachi, you save yourself time and effort. Pre-seasoned grills can be used straight away as they’ve already been treated with a protective coating of vegetable oil.

Over time you’ll need to season your cast iron grill to keep it in top working order and to prevent any rust from developing. We certainly recommend checking that your grill is pre-seasoned before use. During testing we also lightly spritzed our test grills with vegetable oil after rinsing them.


Depending upon how you’re planning on using your grill, you may prefer a slightly larger or more compact model. Don’t forget that you’ll need an appropriately sized heat-protective surface to place it on.

We used some paving slabs we had set aside especially. You could also use stones, bricks or any durable heat-resistant material. Just be sure that it will remain level and stable to prevent any accidents.


If you’re planning on transporting your grill a lot, you’ll probably be better off with a lighter model. If you’re planning on using it only in your yard then weight will be less of an issue for you. We tested our grills in our backyard, so weight was less of an issue, although we did carry them before testing to get an idea of their transportability.

Charcoal Access

Some charcoal hibachi grills feature more open designs than others. In any case, when you’re looking at different grills you should assess how easily you’ll be able to access the coals.

Some models come with special drop-down doors for this very purpose, allowing you to add fresh charcoal as needed. We really liked this feature and found it to be extremely useful for longer cooking bouts, allowing us to grill for longer.


Before you jump in and hit buy, make sure that your grill will be easy to assemble and comes with everything you’ll need. Read what fellow users have to say and check any available documentation provided by the manufacturer. We found that most hibachi’s only required a minimal amount of assembly, usually just a couple of screws.


We hope you’ve read the reviews of all the products with the pros and cons and made up your decision. If you are still in doubt, Always go for our number one pick is the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill. It’s made in the USA to the highest of standards, we think this cast iron hibachi grill is the one to go for. It’s durable, good-looking and comes complete with a convenient drop-down charcoal door, air vent and an adjustable height grill for simple and satisfying cookouts.

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