8 Best Cordless Right Angle Drills Best to use in Tight Spaces

drill for tight spots

Finding a drill that can easily help you access those tight spots and extremely confined spaces is a task in itself. Installing wires in a narrow crawl space or drilling in between joists and studs may require a drill that is ideally lightweight, cordless with long-lasting batteries, or having a long cord if corded.

A low-profile compact drill fitted with a work light and just enough power and torque, to speedily finish the tasks that are awkwardly positioned close to the wall, become necessary.

After considering the opinions of product design engineers and reviews from experienced drill users, we have shortlisted the Top 8 best drill for tight spaces, to help you compare the features and find the drill best suited for your job.

8 Best Cordless Right Angle Drills for Tight Space in 2021

1. Makita XAD03PT – Best Cordless Right Angle Drill

The Makita XAD03PT is one of the best right angle drill specifically designed for tight spaces. The two 5.0AH slide style 18-volt long-lasting batteries justify the freedom from a cord. So no matter how high or deep a spot needs fixing, this tight space drill will complete the job. The featured Star Protection technology protects against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

The extra length and weight of the tool help in accessing the tough spots and in controlling the power of this strong drill. The brushless motor while using up lesser energy delivers variable speeds of 0-350 RPM and 0-1400 RPM to be adjusted according to your task’s requirement. The built-in automatic clutch reduces gear damage while efficiently helping give more torque compared to the power of a corded right angle drill.

The 1/2 inch chuck displays that the drill is very suitable for heavy duty work. The manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty on tool, battery and charger.

  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubberised soft grip
  • Comes with fast charger, chuck key and tool bag
  • Side handle provided for greater control
  • Battery compatible with other Milwaukee 18v fast chargers
  • Clutch only operates on low settings

2. Milwaukee Power 279 – Best Runner-up Right Angle Drill

This Milwaukee low profile right angle drill is there for all the electrical, cabling, and plumbing needs that can be ideally used by homeowners or hobbyists for remodeling their houses or finishing the basements, etc.

 The right angle drill is a major attraction among electricians and plumbers as this helps avoid drilling angled holes, especially in hard-to-reach areas whereas the RAD ensures that the holes you drill are straight and deep. The drill comes with enough power for heavy-duty work having 120V 7 Amp motor and three-speed ranges- 355 rpm, 500 rpm, and 750 rpm. The triple gear reduction and forward/reverse switch help in controlling the speed according to the task at hand. It is extremely useful for joists and studs but it can seem troublesome with larger drill bits and smaller studs.

 Its long cord has a Quick-Lock cord system that makes the cord replaceable when damaged. The RAD is removable to convert into a straight D handle for normally accessible areas. The drill is more suitable for occasional use and not for everyday construction or builder jobs. It comes with a limited 5-year warranty and 30 days no-risk trial.

  • Comes with Impact resistant carry case
  • Head and Handle swivel 360 degrees that can be locked at any angle
  • Includes open-end wrench and socket wrench
  • Also has chuck remover bar
  • It has 20 clutch settings for accurate control
  • Chuck might snap on extensive use
  • RAD gear gives out after sometime
  • High power can sprain wrist

3. Bosch PS130-2A – Best Value Right Angle Drill

This is a go-to tool kit for every house with its compact size and the three modes of-drill, driver, and hammer, which let you choose the appropriate action required for your job. It has the shortest head length of 7.3 inches in this segment of drills, which is great for weird angles and holding in strange positions that makes it ideal for tight spaces. With a 12V battery, it is designed for basic light to medium duty use around the house like mounting shelves, fixing furniture or cabinets.

The ⅜ inch chuck comes with auto-lock for convenient camping of drills but it is not able to hold a variety of tool bits due to smaller chuck size. It comes with an LED light that illuminates the tight spaces but the placing is not right as it casts a shadow over the work area. It comes with two batteries that are compatible with other Bosch tools and a fast charger providing good battery back up.

  • High torque of 265 in lbs
  • Variable two speed- 380 to 1300 RPM
  • Includes carrying case
  • Battery life indicator
  • Chuck doesn’t hold well
  • Drill heats up in high torque situations

4. DEWALT-Right-Cordless-Driver-DCD740C1 – Small drill for tight spaces

Dewalt presents a drill small enough to get inside those electric panels and all other tight spaces around the house where a standard drill cant fit. 

This 90 degree Dewalt cordless drill is powered by a 20V battery and high-speed motor that makes it suitable for all kinds of screwing and drilling DIY projects. The drill speeds up fast which may require extra caution. 

The LED light is super bright to illuminate the whole room but hinders while working as it casts a shadow over the work area. Although, if you can put a rubber grip onto this light, you can easily work with this powerful drill. Its light weightiness and good battery life allow for long hours of drilling and other overhead tasks that would otherwise be tiring with a heavy drill.

It comes with a 3 year tool warranty, 1 year service warranty and 90 days money back guarantee. 

  • Comes with Right angle handle for precise drilling
  • Includes soft carry case
  • Two high speed ranges: 600 and 2000 RPM
  • Chuck wobbles during high speed drilling
  • Chuck doesn’t hold well

5. Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit – PS31-2A

Bosch brings this drill kit for all those women homeowners or old people who are unable to but still have to do the odd jobs around the house. This drill kit is lightweight and small enough to hold and drill holes or drive screws in tight or wide spaces. 

It comes with drill bits and ⅜ inch keyless chuck with 3 jaws for better grip and to reach all those tight spaces for the required small fixes. It can unscrew flat head bolts with great ease. This 12V drill is more powerful than the 18V version and due to its compactness, it is preferred more by homeowners.

 Featured with an LED light, though its position could have been better. Fast charger and two batteries give a good battery backup for completing the tasks in awkward confined spaces in one charge. 

With a high motor speed of 350-1300 RPM and high motor power of 265 in-lbs making it powerful yet user-friendly for beginners or DIYers. The chuck seems to wobble even with light usage and the forward/reverse switch also fiddles. The batteries can be removed with the help of pliers. Bosch provides 3 Year warranty on the tool and 2-year warranty on the batteries. 

  • 20+1 torque settings for better control
  • Battery life indicator for your convenience
  • Carry case
  • Makes grinding noise while drilling


This is a tight space low-cost drill, that you can buy for the cost of a battery. Thus Dewalt gives a powerful drill on a budget with this one. The 20V drill delivers enough power with a high-speed motor for small jobs in the house like hanging pictures or assembling furniture but does not hold up for bigger jobs. Thus it is ideal for handyman/ DIYers but not for a professional who needs to do heavy-duty work all day long. 

Although it comes with two batteries and a fast charger but the battery drains quickly especially when being used at a high speed. Dewalt measures the drill power in Unit Watts Out at 300UWO with this one, but on converting it into torque it gives about 373 in-lbs which is more than enough for this medium-duty drill to work in tight corners. 

The LED light glows for 10-15 seconds even after being turned off. Dewalt offers a 3-Year limited warranty.

  • Two speed range: 450 and 1500 rpm
  • Half inch single sleeve ratcheting keyless chuck for high bit retention
  • Includes a contractor bag
  • Chuck doesn’t hold the drill bits and needs constant retightening
  • The reverse function doesn’t work well


Are you struggling to drill into those closed quarters on your sailboat, then this highly affordable compact tool kit would serve you really well. It is suitable for working between studs and joists with a unique design that makes it more vertically elongated than others. However, this taller design may sometimes make it hard to reach certain perpendicular spaces. But generally, this can serve a variety of purposes especially in the restricted areas on the boat or your RV or truck. 

The ⅜ inch chuck size proves its usefulness in small areas and a properly placed LED light further eases this drill into confined spaces. The chuck though single sleeve and made of plastic, has got higher bit retention that enables it to retain and retrieve a bit head, in the unlikely event of a bit shank failure. Porter and Cable provide a three-year limited warranty. It has versatile two-speed gears of 350 rpm and ranges up to 1200 rpm that provides enough speed to easily drill and screw around the house or in your vehicles. 

  • Compact head size
  • No shadow-Led light
  • The chuck is shallow

8. Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02

This compact drill kit by Bosch is affordable and a must-have tool kit for a woodworker or home improvement enthusiast. The extremely compact design makes it a suitable small drill for drilling holes in tight spaces.

 It is meant for basic applications in the house and not for a job site. The LED light is placed on the battery and not on the chuck in this one, which is a great improvement. This certainly helps to work in tight and dark spaces of the house. 

The half-inch chuck is unable to hold small bits and is made for bits with hexagonal ends. Although the drill comes with two batteries and a fast charger, the battery doesn’t hold a charge long enough and drains quickly. The brushless motor reduces the noise while drilling and works more efficiently delivering speeds from 400 to 1300 rpm and torque of 350 in-lbs, powerful enough for drilling in tight spaces.

Bosch provides a one year limited warranty on this one.

  • Includes drill bits
  • Comes with a soft carry bag
  • Improved LED light placement
  • Sparking and smoke in drill on heavy use

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