8 Best Rotary Hammer Drills For Concrete Walls – Reviews 2021

Rotary Hammer Drill For Concrete

Whether you are a home handyman or a professional like an electrician or general contractor; living in a concrete house or working with concrete; the need for that one perfect Rotary Hammer drill makes your construction or demolition activities worthwhile and smooth is felt.

Many factors need to be considered while making this decision, like the bit sizes, the power delivered, or the amount of vibration felt along with the handles provided for exercising better control while preventing much fatigue to the user.

 We have considered 100s of customer reviews and experiences to figure out which hammer drill is best for drilling into different materials from the concrete or brick walls, block, floor, and hard walls to save your time, We have compiled here the Best 8 Hammer Drill For Concrete.

Best Rotary Hammer Drill Machine For Concrete Walls

Here are the top 8 drills you can use in construction for drilling into concrete blocks or bricks.

1. Bosch SDS-Max RH540M – Best Overall hammer drill for concrete

This Bosch RH540M is one of the fastest and best quality rotary hammer drill for concrete or brick walls. It easily reduces concrete to dust with a variable speed of 170 to 340 RPM in rotary mode and 1200 to 2750 RPM in hammer mode. While delivering a torque of 6.1 ft-lbs, this powerful drill is extremely suitable for concrete contractors and professional remodel, including landscaping.

Weighing only 15.2 lbs for a 120-volt corded drill, it is handy yet powerful for drilling 1/2 inch holes in concrete. It features a dual mode selector knob for carefully selecting between hammer drilling, chiseling only, and vario-lock function. The Vario-Lock positioning locks chisels into 12 different positions to provide better working angles. Users suggested getting SMS MAX bits of 1-1 ¾ inches, common for larger rotary hammers such as this one.

This corded drill comes with an auxiliary handle for your spare hand to help you apply more pressure and better control the drill for accuracy and safety while working with concrete floor, block, or wall. Overall this is the best corded hammer drill for concrete that provides you value for its features against its price.

  • Includes a carrying case for your convenience
  • The chuck loads and unloads easily
  • Automatic Bit Locking system for tool free bit changes
  • Service minder brushes to notify when maintenance needed
  • No reverse function to help you pull out when you want

2. DEWALT 20V Rotary Hammer Drill (DCH293B) – Runner-Up

This brushless Dewalt drill is the best cordless drill for installing anchors in concrete. Thus, it is highly recommended for contractors who regularly drill concrete to anchor items to ceilings or floors. It is also more than sufficient for personal work on the side.

The 20-volt max capacity of this cordless drill delivers 3.5 joules of impact energy for reduced time and effort, hence drilling comparatively fast in concrete. Easily drills through the concrete of 5/8-7/8 “ by holding bits of the maximum size of 1-1/8 “ for this SDS-Plus drill. The featured E-Clutch protects in bind-up situations by stopping the rotation of the bit. 

According to the task at hand, this Dewalt L-shaped rotary hammer comes with a rotating dial to set among 3 application modes-Drill, Hammer drill, or Chip. Although the batteries and charger are sold separately, a side handle is included for better grip and control.

The manufacturer offers a 3-Year limited warranty, 1-year free service, and 90-Day money-back guarantee.

  • Delivers a speed of 0-1000 RPM and 4480 BPM
  • Dust collection feature
  • Depth Rod helps you limit the depth of the hole
  • Can use with flex volt batteries
  • Active vibration control system reduces vibrations felt at the handles
  • A bit heavy

3. Milwaukee 2715-20 M18 Rotary Hammer Drill– Best Value for Money

This Milwaukee rotary hammer drill features a brushless motor that helps in the efficient delivery of 3.3 ft-lbs impact energy suitable for drilling or demolition in concrete. At a speed of 0-1350 RPM and 0-5000 BPM, the speed and power delivered are amazing for such a small and lightweight cordless tool making it the best cordless drill for brickwork.

This 18v hammer drill with the right set of Milwaukee 5.0 batteries can work all day. It becomes well-suited for up to 3’ drilling in thin wall, concrete, or brick wall with a chuck capacity of 1-1/8 inches being an SDS-Plus drill.

Offering 3 modes-Rotary Hammer, Hammer only, and Rotation only; it proves to be useful for HVAC jobs. Users found this drill to be quite smooth while breaking concrete or masonry and drilling holes with ease.

Milwaukee offers a 5-Year warranty on this tool.

  • Easy, comfortable and extremely convenient to use
  • Durable
  • Good vacuum attachment for drilling overhead fasteners
  • Motor gets hot with extremely heavy use

4. Makita HR2475 – Best in Budget Quality Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete

The Makita corded rotary hammer drill serves a 7.0 amp motor with 1220 volt capacity delivering impact energy of 2.7 joules, which is more than enough for drilling and chiseling applications in concrete, asphalt, or brick. With a speedy delivery of 0-1100 RPM and 0-4500 BPM, it becomes the most suitable drill for home handymen or contractors doing light jobs.

The Makita drill supports concrete drilling via 3/16- 1/2 inch maximum bit size in the SDS-Plus chuck. The one touch sliding chuck supports quick bit changes that result in fast and smooth drilling operations. It can function in 3 modes-Rotation, Hammering, Hammering Rotation that even facilitate wood attachment to concrete by using tapcon concrete screws.

Other features include the lock-on button for continued use and the 40-bit angle settings for multiple positionings of bits and chisels, making it suitable for the aging DIY-enthusiast. Makita offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy.

  • No overheating
  • Torque limiting clutch to prevent gear damage by disengaging if bit binds
  • Features a side D-handle with rubberised soft grip for both, comfort and control
  • Includes depth gauge and sturdy carrying case
  • Position of Lock-On button makes you unknowingly press it

5. Bosch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC – Powerful Concrete Drill at a great price

The corded Bosch rotary hammer is the best hammer drill for concrete blocks, concrete floors, or walls. It delivers 2.6 ft-lbs of impact energy at a variable speed of 0-900 RPM and 0-4000 BPM, which is more than enough power and speed to remove tiles smoothly. The 120 volt capacity of the drill makes it easy to drill 3 to 4 inch deep holes in hard rock, concrete, brick, or stone.

It also features a highly appreciated active vibration control in the hammer mechanism and the grip area with a considerable reduction in the users’ vibrations compared with other products. The SDS-Plus keyless chuck comes with two-bit capacities: the solid bit capacity(1-1/8 “) for drilling through hard metals and the core bit capacity(3-1/8 “) for heavy-duty and multi-purpose bits to drill through concrete, stone, etc.

For better chiseling, tearing up, or drilling, the corded drill comes with 3 operational modes-Rotary Hammer, Hammer only, and Rotation only. Bosch provides a 1-Year limited warranty along with a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

  • Noticeably less/reduced vibration compared to other brands
  • Lightweight,hence minimal fatigue
  • 360 degree Auxiliary handle for additional user control
  • Vario-Lock system places tool in neutral to help select from 12 chisel positions
  • Includes depth gauge rod and carrying case
  • A little loud

6. TACKLIFE TRH01A – Good Economic option for a Concrete Hammer drill

This Tacklife corded drill is the best drill for construction and not so much for demolishing. With the capacity of 120 volts, the 12.3A motor delivers an impact energy of 5.2 ft-lbs making this drill extremely suited for removing tiles, mixing concrete,installing anchors even in hardened concrete. The corded drill performs noticeably well while drilling holes in concrete at variable speeds of 0-900 RPM and 0-4350 BPM.

Having various capacities of 1-1/4 inch for concrete, 1-9/16 for wood, and 1/2 inch for steel; the SDS-Plus keyed chuck displays the working range of the drill. To further enhance its versatility, the tacklife drill comes with a ½ inch chuck adapter to help you use non-SDS-Plus bits in the same chuck while using the drilling mode.

At any given time, this drill can perform 4 functions-Drilling (wood, steel), Hammer Drilling(concrete, granite, brick, Chisel position adjustment (adjusts the angle of chisel before use), and Chiseling (for chipping work on hard materials). For further customer convenience and prevention of fatigue, there is a 360-degree rotating handle and a Vibration Damping Technology respectively. The manufacturer provides a 24-month after-sales service.

  • Includes bits, chisels,lubricating grease, chuck key, dust cover and carrying case
  • Metal depth gauge provided
  • Integral clutch reduces sudden and high torque reactions if bit jams
  • Soft grip handle prevents slip-off
  • 6-level variable speed dial
  • Not lightweight

7. ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill – Perfect for Demolishing Brick Walls

Eneacro SDS-Plus corded rotary hammer drill with a keyless chuck, helps in easy and secure bit changes of two kinds-the core drill bits for concrete(1-1/4 inch) and the solid drill bits for metal(1/2 inch).

Though it is suitable for heavy duty concrete and metal working projects, the corded drill is preferred more for tearing up concrete and tiles or brick and brick walls.The 5.2 ft-lbs impact energy delivered by the 12.5 amp motor makes it the perfect drill for breaking concrete floors and blocks. It runs smooth through concrete at a speed of 880 RPM and 4350 BPM.

The Eneacro drill comes with a 120 volt capacity for swiftly hammering through hardened concrete. The drill features 3 easy to switch operational modes-drill, hammer, hammer drill, to adapt to the range of different tasks from dismantling walls to breaking floors.

Eneacro provides drill bits and chisels, a replaceable carbon brush set, grease refill and a strong carrying case along with the rotary hammer. The manufacturer offers a 1-Year warranty on this product.

  • Great value for money
  • Upgraded double layer Anti-Vibration system for stability
  • Can be used easily in tight spaces too
  • 360 degree adjustable handle to allow customised handle position
  • The complimentary grease refill finishes soon

8. Skil Corded Hammer Drill HD182002 – Best under $100

This SKIL concrete hammer drill proves to be extremely suitable for framing walls or drilling through cement as it gives a lot of power because it is corded. The 7.5 amp motor operating with a capacity of 120 volts delivers a high speed of 0-3000 RPM and 48000 BPM making it the best drill for hard walls. This drill is also listed on our best corded drill under $100 article.

It is an extremely versatile drill as it comes with a 100 piece bit set including a range of high-speed, steel, or masonry bits that can help you drill through a large variety of materials like wood, metal, plastic, or masonry. You can choose between hammer drilling or drilling only application settings accordingly. The 1/2 inch keyed chuck suggests that the corded drill will hold larger bits for heavy duty jobs even woodworking and cutting.

Additional features like the Lock-on button that lets you drill long while preventing any finger fatigue and also allowing you to hold the drill in different positions for enhanced stability are a plus. SKIL also provides a side assist handle for better control and a depth gauge to control the depth of holes along with a chuck key for the drill. 

The manufacturer provides a 1-Year limited warranty on the tool.

  • Great price for the kit
  • Powerful
  • Includes a very sturdy and durable carrying case
  • Loud

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