Best Smokeless Indoor Grills – Reviews & Top Picks

Grilling Indoors

Sometimes, grilling indoors is the way to go. Whether you live in an apartment with little outdoor space or would prefer not to grill in the rain, a smokeless grill is an easy way to grilling inside. With that being said, finding the best smokeless indoor grill and matching your budget which can also cook delicious food, is not an easy task. With a grill in a house that gives off no smoke, all you have to do is plug it in and get cooking.

Of course, because these indoor grills are so popular among hungry consumers, So now many brands are available to choose from and not all of them are created equal. To help you choose the best option for your budget and situation, we set out to find the best smokeless indoor grill on the market. These smokeless grill reviews help save you time and allow you to pick the high-quality grill for all of your cooking needs.

Comparison Table of Our Fav Picks

Philips HD6371/94

Philips HD6371/94
(Top Pick)

Check Price

15.6 lbs

Simple Living SLP-SG-001

Simple Living SLP-SG-001

Check Price

13.3 lbs

Power Smokeless Grill

Power Smokeless Grill
(Best Value for Money)

Check Price

17.2 lbs

Gotham Steel 1619

Gotham Steel 1619

Check Price

5.7 lbs

Philips Avance

Philips Advance

Check Price

17 lbs


5 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills of 2019 – Reviews

#1 Philips HD6371/94 Indoor Smokeless Grill – Best Overall

Out of all the models we reviewed, this is our top pick. That’s why we make it our top pick. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. It took us only a minute or two to set up and plug-in. Then, it took about 6-10 minutes to heat up fully. After it was done preheating, we could really feel the heat coming off this grill.

For such a small, smokeless grill, the amount of heat it produced was incredible. All of our food was cooked very quickly and it was not hard at all to figure out the exact cooking times. Thanks to the careful infrared design, the heat is distributed evenly around the grill, ensuring all of your food get cooks evenly.

One of our favorite things about this grill is its versatility. We were able to cook a variety of foods on this grill very easily, including steaks, burgers, peaches, and vegetables. Despite a lack of knobs and buttons to mess with, it was quite easy to cook all these foods.

However, we were somewhat disappointed that we were not able to change the temperature. This grill only has three settings: off, on, and warm. Whenever it is on, it heats up to a temperature of 446 degrees. This temperature cannot be changed.

We did like how sleek and compact this indoor grill was though, which is largely because it does not have extra knobs or buttons. It is made for apartment or condo living and will likely work in even the smallest spaces.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • No assembly required
  • Little Oil splattering
  • Constant heat


  • Somewhat heavy

#2 Simple Living Advance SLP-SG-001 Smoke-less Indoor Grill – Best Large

We were very surprised by this BBQ grill’s capabilities. We could easily fit eight burger patties on it, with a little bit of room to spare! Of course, this also means that the grill takes up more space on the countertop. Still, if you have room for this grill, we highly recommend it.

Our favorite feature about this indoor grill is that it produces absolutely no smoke. Due to the infrared design, even when it reaches max temperature, no smoke is produced. It does get quite hot around the grill, however. So you might want to consider turning on your oven vent or opening a window or two when you’re cooking.

One of the main reasons that this grill was bumped down to second place is because it takes an enormously long time for the grill to heat up. This is especially true the first time you use it. It took our grill a solid 15 minutes to heat up to the appropriate temperature. This grill also doesn’t get as hot as some other models, which makes cooking take longer.

In the end, though, we were fairly pleased with this grill and consider it to be one of the better options. If you’re looking for a larger grill, this is a wonderful choice.


  • Easy cleanup
  • Provides nice flavor
  • Stays at 446 degrees


  • No temperature control options
  • Takes longer to cook meats than other models

#3 Power Smoke-less Indoor Grill – Best with Adjustable Heat

This grill isn’t as great as some other models, but it deserves to be mentioned. What makes this Indoor grill stand out from the others is that it allows you to adjust the heat up to 450 degrees. This is a rare feature in a grill, so we were very surprised to find it in this one.

All the parts are also removable for easy cleaning, which is something we really appreciated. The grill surface is also covered in a non-stick coating and is completely dishwasher safe. Cleaning this grill required very little effort, allowing us to get back in the kitchen sooner.

We were also moderately surprised with how evenly this heated. Most grills do not heat very evenly, especially as you move into the cheaper options. Luckily, this one did a fantastic job at heating up thoroughly and cooking all of our meats evenly.

However, one of the biggest complaints we have about this grill is that it does not heat up very accurately. It can be adjusted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the exact temperature you set it on. This grill is also somewhat harder to put together than other options. Plus, it isn’t uncommon for the grill to be missing parts when you first get it. Quality control is not top-notch, to say the least.


  • Comes with griddle top and cookbooks
  • Large grilling surface
  • Die-cast aluminium


  • Short power cord
  • Temperature control is not accurate

#4 Gotham Steel 1619 Smokeless Electric Grill – Best for the Money

We were extremely surprised by the price tag on this grill. It is nearly half the price of many other, more expensive indoor grills. When we got it out of the box, we were also surprised by how elegant and expensive it looked, especially for the price tag. It comes with a ceramic-coated grill top that looks quite well made and designed. As it is made of ceramic copper so nothing sticks to it even if you don’t use any oil. This grill cooks perfectly, no mess, and your house also won’t smell like a grill pit afterward.

However, as we started digging, we found that this grill wasn’t exactly as high-quality as it looked.

Firstly, we were quite disappointed with how little this grill seemed to heat up. It took all of our meats quite a long time to cook. We couldn’t imagine trying to cook anything as thick as pork chops or steaks on this grill.

Secondly, cleaning this grill is a pain. It cannot be submerged in water because of the electrical connection. So, you have to carefully whip it down after each use. It is not dishwasher safe. The plastic bottom was also a bummer. This bottom piece with actually melt if you do not meticulously place the grate over it.

However, this grill is not all bad. It is smaller than most, making it perfect for small spaces. It does heat up and can cook your food, even if it does take a little while.


  • Value for Money
  • Nearly no smoke


  • Extremely hard to clean
  • Uneven heating

#5 Philips Avance

This indoor grill landed at the bottom of our list. Truthfully, it isn’t the worst option out there. There are plenty of indoor infrared grills that are far worse. However, there are a couple of features we liked about this grill. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. All you have to do is wipe it down with a rag or throw it into the dishwasher. The set-up was very straightforward and only took a few minutes.

However, there were quite a few things we didn’t like about it.

The non-stick coating began coming off almost immediately after we began using it. The coating worked very well when it stayed on. But, as soon as it began chipping off, we started experiencing difficulties with the food sticking. It also doesn’t heat up nearly hot enough to cook food in a timely manner.

Many times, we would begin cooking on this grill and then just gave up because it was taking so long. It also doesn’t heat evenly. Sometimes only half of the surface would get warm.


  • Drip tray
  • Heats up to 446 degrees


  • Non-sticky coating comes off
  • No grill flavor
  • Not very durable

Buyer’s Guide


Without proper power, no grill is going to heat up appropriately. Without heat, you aren’t going to be able to cook anything in a timely manner. Because most smokeless indoors are incredibly small, they tend to lack a lot of power. They have difficulty cooking any sorts of food, especially thicker steaks and pork chops. If you want to be able to cook your favorite foods on the grill, it is important to choose a grill that has enough power to actually heat up appropriately. The most appropriate power level for kitchen grill is between 1500 and 1800 watts. However, high wattages are necessarily bad, they’re just harder to come by and can sometimes create too much heat.


Indoor grills are designed to be used inside on a stovetop, so most of them are significantly smaller than a regular, outdoor grill. If you have a smaller family, you should have no problem finding a grill that is large enough to cook enough for a meal. However, for those with larger families, it can be difficult to find a grill that holds enough food for everyone. Because indoor kitchen grill also takes longer to heat up and cook, it is not practical to do your meat in two batches. Instead, choose a grill that is large enough for your whole family.

Heating Indicator Light

Some models have indicator lights on them. This lets you easily see when the grill has reached the set temperature. This is incredibly easier than trying to guess when the grill has heated up than guessing. Without this indicator, you are stuck going off time alone or using an external thermometer to measure the temperature.

Automatic Shut-off

Some grills allow you to carefully set a timer and turn off when the timer goes off. This prevents you from overcooking your food or accidentally leaving the grill on. Not many grills have this feature, but it is very valuable in those that do. This is both a safety feature and one of practicality.

Removable Grill Plates

It is important that any grill you choose have grill plates that are easily removable. This allows you to more easily clean up when you are done. When you can remove the plates and clean them thoroughly, you don’t have to worry about missing those tough to reach spots. This feature is also important for storage reasons. It is much easier to store a indoor grill when you can take it apart. Otherwise, it can be quite bulky and difficult to put away.

Non-stick Coating

All indoor grills should have a non-stick coating. Otherwise, your food is going to stick terribly, making the grill hard to clean and messing up your dinner. Not all non-stick coatings are made the same, of course. Some work better than others. Some are also more durable than others. It isn’t uncommon for coatings to peel off, which will cause your food to begin sticking and can be a health hazard.

Grease Tray

Almost all indoor grills come with a grease tray. Without one, your meat will soon be cooking in its own fat. This can create quite a bit of smoke and cause your meat to turn out greasy and fatty. No one wants to eat a dripping wet burger, which is why a grease tray is so important. On smokeless indoors, it is also important that the grease tray is durable and in a position that prevents it from being heated up. If the grease tray heats up, it can create quite a bit of smoke and make your house smell.

Heat Control

Being able to control the temperature your grill heats up to is important. Otherwise, you might burn certain foods and undercook others. Being able to turn the heat up high also helps you cook certain foods faster, while turning it down lower lets you cook more delicate foods. Strangely, this is a rare feature in these grills. Many grills actually only heat up to a single temperature, normally around 446 degrees. While this is generally good for cooking most meats, only have one available temperature does make it difficult to cook certain foods. If you plan on cooking more than just burgers, we highly recommend selecting a grill with a controllable heat setting.

Dishwasher Safe

No one likes cleaning. It is always better to choose an indoor grill that can be easily and safely put in the dishwasher. Each grill should be easily taken apart and put into the dishwasher. Otherwise, you are going to have to scrub it by hand and risk missing hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How you clean a smokeless grill?

Some smokeless grills are easily taken apart and put into the dishwasher, making clean up easy and effortless. Others require quite a bit of scrubbing, however. Not all can be submerged in water and instead must be carefully scrubbed. While most come apart to make cleaning easier, this is not true of all smoke-free grills. We recommend carefully reading your product’s specific cleaning instructions and carefully follow them. Otherwise, you risk damaging your grill.

Are smokeless grills really smoke-free?

Yes, most smokeless grills are completely (or mostly) free from any kind of smoke. The exact amount of smoke each grill produces can vary a lot, however. Some produce nearly no smoke, while others can create quite a bit if used for a long period of time. If you need a grill that produces very little smoke, we recommend choosing one of the top rated products we reviewed. These have been thoroughly tested and we have carefully considered how much smoke each grill produce in real-world situations.

You should also be sure to read the directions carefully when using your grill. Many of the grills we tested came with specific instructions that were designed to limit smoke produced. If you don’t follow these directions correctly, the grill could possibly create a lot of smoke. Not all of these grills are necessarily just turn-on-and-go. Many require a few extra steps to be completely smoke-free.


If you want the best smokeless grill, Philips HD6731-94 is your best option. It heats up proficiently and can grill nearly anything. Plus, it is also easy to clean and requires very little set up. Out of all the models we reviewed, this one was by far the best.

For a cheaper option, the Gotham Steel 1619 Smokeless Electric Grill is a safe choice. It has all the features you need in a smoke-free grill but is far cheaper on Amazon than the competition.

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